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When you have  serious concerns about Safety and Security or Survival skills, look no further than SLC-360, America's leader in Safety, Security and Survival. We innovate. We deliver. 

SLC-360 was founded in 2012 by our current CEO Tim Clifton. In the last Twenty-five years since Tim started in the  Security business a lot has changed – technology, laws, world economies, and the things that can be dangerous to us in our daily lives. But, one thing that will never change is – our Dedication to providing  the best classes and services in the world. We keep an old fashioned attitude about work, and that is things need to be done how and when we promised. More and more, that means relying on Technology as well as constantly updating our Skill sets. Survival Living Concepts is more than just a concept it's Advanced Living Skills for Today's world
Self Defense
Sometimes the world can be a dangerous place and when that happens you want to feel safe.
SLC-360 Instructors have been on  the leading edge of developing  Self-Defense techniques. If you're worried about your personal safety SLC-360 has a class for you.
Cyber Safety
What they told me back in the 80's Is coming true. "Some day every house will have a computer."  while we are not there yet we are close.
Just because some computers are complicated doesn't mean  you can't  safely use them. SLC-360can teach you how to stay safe in cyber space.

Urban Survival
Wilderness Survival

Urban and Wilderness Survival. Sure we've all seen the wildreness survival guys on TV and we've watched the movies, but SLC-360has a Group of Instructors to meet your specific needs.
Whether you are concered about natural disasters, food shortages or civil unrest we have you covered

Risk Assessment
Home Security

We remeber a time, when you could leave you keys in the car or not lock the house just to go next door. Times have changed. 
SLC-360 has you covered. We provide risk assements for your home, office or business. We'll provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you keep your assets Safe.