Thursday, January 30, 2014

Homebrew Taxidery Tip

Here is simple DIY for cleaning up those old sun-bleached antlers that you may have laying around your place.

Remember: local laws can get very particular about the possession of wildlife remains. In most cases antler "sheds" are fair game for possession, but sheds with skull attached can get into a whole other area... Check your local state's laws to be sure before you ever disturb any remains you find in the wild.

If you have sun-bleached old antlers around and want to liven them up a bit, wood stain should do the trick.
I bought a couple of the smaller containers of stain at Lowes.
One was a very light stain (Natural), and the other was a darker color I liked (Provincial) to compliment for the darker areas.

The other things you will need for this project are:
- Old rag or foam brush to apply the stains with
- Surface to work on that will not stain (I just used a cardboard box)
- Old rag for drying

Apply the lighter stain lightly to the entire antler area - be CAREFUL to not get any onto the skull!
With stains, you can always apply more to make it darker; but can not ever make it lighter again.
So, let it sit a minute after your first application, and then add another coat if you think it needs it.

Once you have the "base" color finished, you will add a dab or two to the base areas of the antlers to darken those areas.

I applied a dab, then would wipe it off with a dry rag, then repeated this step several times until I got the desired effect.

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