Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Spear Gun for under $25!

After browsing YouTube a few weeks ago, we decided to try an idea we saw in a video. We've been wanting to start bow-fishing and frog gigging soon, since we eat the ones we catch; it really does not matter how they are caught - as long as it is legal within the fishing regulations.

The videos we saw were about how to modify a $15 slingshot into a "spear gun". Here is one link for more info than I provide below:

The parts/tools required for this project are:
A: 3/8"x36" Oak Dowel Rods - check them for straightness at the store
B: Slingshot; must be this type for this project.
C: Hose Clamps, or zip ties can be substituted
D: 1.5" PVC Pipe (cut down to 11")
E: PVC Cement
F: Hacksaw/Sawzall to cut the PVC
G: Two PVC End caps (already assembled in this photo)
H: Sandpaper (if you plan on painting the PVC or getting a good glue bond)
I: Measuring Tape/Marker
J: Leaves for Camo
Not Pictured: Drill & 7/16" or 1/2" bit, spray paint, screwdriver/nutdriver to tighten the clamps

First, you get all of the items out of their packaging and ready to work with. I tried to get everything rounded up for my photo, but forgot I had already moved some tools away to their spots for the night.

To start, you cut your PVC into an 11 or 12" section with your hacksaw. Then you sand down the PVC pipe and end caps where you will be applying glue to them. Then you take your drill and drill a hole in the center of each cap - be careful.

Then, you apply the PVC cement and push the pieces together, it should set up really quick. After this step I spray painted the assembled PVC piece, but didn't like it just drab green. So, I walked outside and grabbed the first two leaves I could find. Then, I hunted through the paint I had until I found flat black (actually BBQ grill paint).

After this is dry, figure out where you want it mounted front-to-rear on your slingshot. Once you're ready; fasten it on with the hose clamps or zip ties you have. The "gun" is ready for action.

Now, take your dowel rod and sharpen one end. insert the rod through the rear hole and through the front hole. Your project is ready to fire.

Remember to never point these at anyone, as with any other weapon or tool: RESPECT IT. THIS IS NOT A KID'S TOY!

Also, if you have any old arrows with bad fletching - it will fire these also if you remove the rest of the fletching; allowing for broadheads, etc. or just eliminating the need to sharpen sticks.

I would recommend replacing the stock rubber bands with heavier bands, this is my next step. You can purchase stronger bands online ( has them cheap), or possibly some retailers may stock them; but I haven't seen any in stores around here.

Also, here is a good video on making your own fishing arrow tips: He doesn't sauder the barbs in place, but that is my recommended modification.

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  1. This thing is awesome. I am totally making one of these.