Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not 200 years too late

If you’re reading this blog more than likely you fall into one of a few categories: A prepper,  survivalist, bushcrafter or homesteader. You may even be a combination of all of them. You might be a tracker or a modern primitive. You could have hit the wrong key making a Google search and be none of these. One thing all of these above groups have in common is a way of thinking that is not common in today’s world.

Each of these have a mindset closer aligned to people years ago than most of those today. People in these groups say things like “I was born 200 years too late” truth is you were born just right. People like us were born now, to show the rest what it was like, what it could be like, and that there is another way.

Take anyone who gardens. Most think you’re nuts, why cause if you want tomatoes go get them for $1.39 a can. It’s crazy to start seeds, then water them, then till ground and prepare it, transfer the plants and water and weed. That’s like work. That’s crazy if you add all your time up, your tomatoes in time alone could be upward of $5. Ever hear of the store?

 Preppers. You stock water and food. You prepare for emergencies you devote time money in training for something we pay the government for. Ever hear of fema? They take care of those things.

 Survivalist there is a bunch for you. I’ve seen the shows- you got your camo and your guns. You know how to live in the desert and in the deep forest. You can sew your own cuts with fishing line and you have those gadget knives that do everything. Ever hear of the Rambo?

 Bushcrafters, you're making stuff out of wood and leather. You act like you're part animal spending so much time in nature living in the wild. You Go around starting fire by rubbing together sticks. Building places to sleep with debris off the ground. Ever hear of parks and RVs?

 Homesteaders. Its 2013 nobody has to live that way anymore. We have electric, we have stores you can buy whatever you need. There are schools to teach your children.

 Modern primitives and tribalist. You have no tribe. You’re a mixed bunch with no common ground. Get a job go to school, and be productive…..

 NO common ground you say!

 While everything listed above are Not my thoughts or feelings. We have all heard these and going by Tribal Hawk and fitting nicely into most of these groups; I’ve heard them all.  I beg to differ with the common beliefs about us. While we were born in just the right time, it may not feel like it. Because what these groups have in common is not so common any more. We believe in self reliance, not needing someone to take care of us. We believe Nature is more important than the mall. We believe in putting sweat and love into the things we grow and make. People matter to us, not things and if you’re going to do something you make it count.

 Standing all day in a line pushing a button may pay the bills and it may be called work but, there is no labor of love involved with it. We do what we do because of the love we have and the passion that burns in our souls. The world has become just like those old cities in movies, they have a pretty front but there is nothing behind them. They have no substance, No soul. We do what we do because we have heart. We believe in doing things that matter. Most of the world we live in is held together by illusion. As long as that illusion is reinforced and believed by the masses it stays in place, but we have seen behind the curtain, we know it’s empty there. We have seen the heart and soul of this world. We have seen the beauty in nature, in each other and we step away from the lie that empty things have value.

 Value is in making a difference, it’s in Nature, and it’s in the heart and soul of every one of us “who were born 200 years too late”
Tim Clifton 

“Putting the Power in your Hands"
SLC-360© 2013

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