Tuesday, October 16, 2012

• Basic Awareness

Basic awareness is more than just seeing and understanding what’s going on around you. It’s a feeling or sensing of your environment.  Its hearing that leaf rustle and knowing it’s a chip squirrel going into one of his tunnels. It’s knowing that, taking that next step your foot will slide because it’s muddy under the leaves.  While I can give you the basics and some exercises that with help you develop your awareness nothing can take the place of practice.

 The more you are in an environment the more familiar you become. This should be a given to Awareness but it’s not, most people get comfortable and then pay less attention. They get rushed and bang into a table they know is there and has been there for years.  They trip over their own feet.  Being aware is a mindset that requires focus.  You body has certain automatic responses. A ball flying at your head you duck or catch it. We’ve all seen this.

Humans have changed their environment to help reduce the need to focus and to speed things along. Why worry about crossing a ditch or slipping on a muddy hill pave it or pour concrete side walk in. now you have a smooth walking surface you don’t have to worry so much about tripping. You can talk, text, or compute while you walk. You can do that meeting while walking to get a coffee.  Danger you say non sense we have signs placed everywhere to keep you safe.

Everything in or suburban and urban environments are designed to maximize your ability to do a number of things all the while focused on other things. Just stay in the lines and follow the crowd. They have placed us in a cookie cutter world to reduce the amount of thinking require.  People get into routines and become numb or blind to the world around them. Some people are and will be lost to this system. 

Breaking free requires independent thought; it requires thinking in a bigger picture. It requires focus.  The ground may be uneven and slick and there maybe stuff laying on it. You may have to consider things like foot placement, weight distribution and you may have to bend or duck while walking. The only warning signs you get are the ones you develop by learning your environment, by paying attention and moving your focus to the world around you. By not viewing yourself as the center of the world but by being a part of everything you see. Not by being apart from everything you see.

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