Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dancing with Fire

At some point every one will use fire in their life for cooking or heating. Some peoples contact with fire will be positive, some not so much. Fire is to be respected and how fire represents makes the difference in how it is viewed. Fire is alive, its born of a spark grows to a flame and dies as an ember goes dark. No matter where you go the principles of fire are the same. Be careless and you get burned.

Allow me to show you our dance partner in a little more detail. Drawing on my experience as a firefighter. Firefighters view fire differently than the general public and some view dealing with fire as a dance.

To get a better idea of fire view the fire triangle. The three things you need for fire are Heat. Fuel, and oxygen/air. Combining these in the right combination will create fire. While the ease in which some fires start, starting a fire in less than favorable conditions can be quite a dance. Remove any one of the sides of the fire triangle and you extinguish the fire. That's the basics taught to all firefighters.

Starting a fire regardless of the method used is a balance of the fire triangle. Too much fuel and you smoother out the fire too little and its burns out before your ready. To much air and it takes the heat away from the fuel source, too little and it starves' Heat to much can suck the air out or burn up your source to fast , to little and it can't consume the fuel. A fire can have so much heat it starts burning the gases in the air, it can also blow itself out this way as well.

The most important thing to remember is as with all things respect, Fire is a useful tool and is used for many things from cooking, to metal work from heating your home to lighting your way.

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