Monday, April 30, 2012

Break Free

Going tribal is not always as easy as saying the heck with the system and going off into the wilderness, having been raised in a system that categorizes everything and directs you into directions of its choosing. But each step you take can be a step in the right direction and each step you take will show you other steps to take.

Start by stripping away labels; you're not a plumber or a carpenter, you’re not a republican or democrat- you’re a human, a member of the Earth Tribe. Once you start labeling people you start dividing people. That’s one of the best ways to control something, divide the herd to guide it to the pens. The herd as a whole can't be contained it’s too strong it would trample anything in its path. Divide it and you take away its power the more you reduce it the weaker it becomes.

 People who believe there is a better way; often come to this realization from deep within the pen. We hear statements like “I was born hundreds of years to late” or “I feel like an alien in a strange land”. Most never notice, they have bought the lie that “this is the way”. Concrete jungles and designer brands and reality TV. Even those who see past the illusions give up because the truth is so far away. 

Sometimes they get a glimpse of it by going on vacation. Everything looks a little different, better when you’re on vacation. You are removed from conforming to some of the standards you normally have. With the ability to guide your day without all the have to's. It provides a sense of freedom you don't normally have. You notice the scenery; you notice the hills of the road, the green of the trees, and the smell of the air. Thing is, those things are there every day, but we are so locked into having to or the routine that we fail to see the beauty around us. 

Breaking Free

There are those who manage to break free and there are those who are taking the steps not only to get there themselves but are teaching others.  One of my many favorites is the tracker groups teaching the younger generations’ valuable life skills that those who corral us to the pens no longer want us to have.

It’s not good for you to grow your own food. Do you have any idea of the amount of jobs you destroy by doing that? Let’s see there is the big agriculture company that grows the food, look how many employees they have to pay, the chemical companies because you got spray it to keep weeds out same to keep the bugs out. The government inspectors have to come in to make sure it’s safe.  The trucking companies and the grocery stores by the time you’re done thirty people have had something to do with that tomato your about to eat.

This is progress? No this is the Machine made by others to keep you trapped. If you don’t know how to grow your own you’re trapped in the pen. If you work so much you have no time to grow your own you’re trapped. This is just one of many examples of how you are kept in the pen. Me? I want to break free, I want to grow my own food; I want to raise my own chickens and such. I don’t want to have to depend on a system that has so many moving parts, one fail anywhere along the system and boom it goes down.

So what can you do? Go Tribal! Pick one thing that helps you become self reliant then do it. Once you got that down pat go to the next. Take baby steps, we didn’t get here over night we’re not going to get out that way either. “But I don’t know what to do next?” you say. Trust me when I say the path will unfold right in front of you. Look at the world with Vacation eyes. The beauty is all around us every day we’ve just been too busy to see it.

“Go Tribal”

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Tim Clifton 
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