Friday, March 9, 2012

The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself

The world we live in today is a push button society where it takes no skills to survive. All you have to do is follow everyone else and monkey see monkey do. It’s easier to just get lost in the crowd and do as everyone else -no thinking required.

Experience the excitement of adventure and the leisure of nature from your chair. Get current with all the events going on in the world, traveling from one country to the next with a click of a button. Catch the latest reports on what to buy and what to avoid from the professionals who have investigated so you don't have to. The list of options is nearly endless for what television has to offer. So sit back in front of the "Box" and experience it all, right? Wrong! The "box" is not all bad but what happens when you experience everything from the "box" and stop living life? Believing everything you see or hear can sometimes cause you to end up where you don't really want to be.

What if they are lying? What if they are not telling you the whole story?
….News …”Last night the local quickie mart was robbed and the cashier was shot while an off duty policeman was in the store. The subject was apprehended just outside the store and no other patrons were hurt.” From this story one could conclude that the off duty police officer caught the subject just outside the store, but what if the police officer is the one who robbed and shot the cashier?

There are those who believe if it was on the news it has to be true. I’ve heard people say it’s against the law for them to lie about something like that. All you have to do is a little research and you can find faked news reports. The news anchor reporting live from the front lines in front of a green screen.

Is only telling half the story a lie? While everyone may not lie, many have a personal agenda; they try to sway you into their frame of mind and make you think as they do. Many people don't realize this and follow along blindly until something happens to cause the person to "wake up." People are often told to "go with the flow"....

Advertisements lead you to spend your money on their items. The News media while stating they are unbiased- are biased. All one has to do is compare competing agencies. The amount of information thrown at you can be overwhelming at times. The reason this is so is because it pays to guide you.  We have become consumers and we are only guided to what "they" want us to think we need.

Thinking for yourself only takes questioning and trusting your instincts to guide you. Don’t blindly believe everything you see and hear. If something doesn’t feel right ask why, and then find out why. Get out of your chair and see for yourself. Do your own research. One of the things I love about my children is the fact that they question everything, most kids do. Why can’t we keep a horse in the house? Why is the sky blue? How come the clouds don’t fall down?

As technology advances we tend to try to streamline things so that life is easier. We get things done faster so there is more time for the other things in life we want to do. We narrow our focus and we lose the wonderment of our world. We become the number and we follow the leader, we blindly follow, no thinking required….Until something goes wrong.

The following is just a small example of the things going wrong, that I have heard with my own ears.
The road is closed and I can’t get home. (Three blocks away) They really did not know another way home.
I had a flat and road side assistance couldn’t come. (Had a spare and jack) they didn’t even know cars came with spares and jacks.
Walked out with my keys this morning to get in my car and the remote wouldn’t unlock the car, the remote battery was dead. (Key locks doors) they had never used the key on the door because they had the “clicker”.

While this is just an example of a few you get the idea. Following along blindly promotes not thinking. People think of Themselves; just not for Themselves! I think they forget it's not the same thing. Don’t wait till something goes wrong to realize you’ve been led by the hand thru life. Question things! Follow your gut instincts and learn from a child or so you don’t end up in the back of a van wondering where the candy is…

“Go Tribal” and Think

Tribal Hawk

Tim Clifton 
SLC-360© 2013

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