Tuesday, October 16, 2012

• Basic Awareness

Basic awareness is more than just seeing and understanding what’s going on around you. It’s a feeling or sensing of your environment.  Its hearing that leaf rustle and knowing it’s a chip squirrel going into one of his tunnels. It’s knowing that, taking that next step your foot will slide because it’s muddy under the leaves.  While I can give you the basics and some exercises that with help you develop your awareness nothing can take the place of practice.

 The more you are in an environment the more familiar you become. This should be a given to Awareness but it’s not, most people get comfortable and then pay less attention. They get rushed and bang into a table they know is there and has been there for years.  They trip over their own feet.  Being aware is a mindset that requires focus.  You body has certain automatic responses. A ball flying at your head you duck or catch it. We’ve all seen this.

Humans have changed their environment to help reduce the need to focus and to speed things along. Why worry about crossing a ditch or slipping on a muddy hill pave it or pour concrete side walk in. now you have a smooth walking surface you don’t have to worry so much about tripping. You can talk, text, or compute while you walk. You can do that meeting while walking to get a coffee.  Danger you say non sense we have signs placed everywhere to keep you safe.

Everything in or suburban and urban environments are designed to maximize your ability to do a number of things all the while focused on other things. Just stay in the lines and follow the crowd. They have placed us in a cookie cutter world to reduce the amount of thinking require.  People get into routines and become numb or blind to the world around them. Some people are and will be lost to this system. 

Breaking free requires independent thought; it requires thinking in a bigger picture. It requires focus.  The ground may be uneven and slick and there maybe stuff laying on it. You may have to consider things like foot placement, weight distribution and you may have to bend or duck while walking. The only warning signs you get are the ones you develop by learning your environment, by paying attention and moving your focus to the world around you. By not viewing yourself as the center of the world but by being a part of everything you see. Not by being apart from everything you see.

Go Tribal

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Tim Clifton 
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whose path are you on

There are a lot of things going on. A lot of directions to be pulled or pushed in. the thing to remember here is if you are being pushed or pulled you are deviating from your path.

 It’s time to root yourself and become grounded, don’t be swayed by the world.  Everything you see and hear right now whether it is on the news or online, is something they want you to see. Someone wants you to be swayed to their belief or desires.

This is the time to work on your awareness and to expand your awareness. Follow your spirit and your path. See the truths and falsehoods that lay before you, not with your eyes and ears and your mind but with your heart and spirit.

Being prepared is about awareness and following Spirit.
“Go Tribal”
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Tim Clifton 
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dancing with Fire

At some point every one will use fire in their life for cooking or heating. Some peoples contact with fire will be positive, some not so much. Fire is to be respected and how fire represents makes the difference in how it is viewed. Fire is alive, its born of a spark grows to a flame and dies as an ember goes dark. No matter where you go the principles of fire are the same. Be careless and you get burned.

Allow me to show you our dance partner in a little more detail. Drawing on my experience as a firefighter. Firefighters view fire differently than the general public and some view dealing with fire as a dance.

To get a better idea of fire view the fire triangle. The three things you need for fire are Heat. Fuel, and oxygen/air. Combining these in the right combination will create fire. While the ease in which some fires start, starting a fire in less than favorable conditions can be quite a dance. Remove any one of the sides of the fire triangle and you extinguish the fire. That's the basics taught to all firefighters.

Starting a fire regardless of the method used is a balance of the fire triangle. Too much fuel and you smoother out the fire too little and its burns out before your ready. To much air and it takes the heat away from the fuel source, too little and it starves' Heat to much can suck the air out or burn up your source to fast , to little and it can't consume the fuel. A fire can have so much heat it starts burning the gases in the air, it can also blow itself out this way as well.

The most important thing to remember is as with all things respect, Fire is a useful tool and is used for many things from cooking, to metal work from heating your home to lighting your way.

“Go Tribal”
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Tim Clifton 
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Break Free

Going tribal is not always as easy as saying the heck with the system and going off into the wilderness, having been raised in a system that categorizes everything and directs you into directions of its choosing. But each step you take can be a step in the right direction and each step you take will show you other steps to take.

Start by stripping away labels; you're not a plumber or a carpenter, you’re not a republican or democrat- you’re a human, a member of the Earth Tribe. Once you start labeling people you start dividing people. That’s one of the best ways to control something, divide the herd to guide it to the pens. The herd as a whole can't be contained it’s too strong it would trample anything in its path. Divide it and you take away its power the more you reduce it the weaker it becomes.

 People who believe there is a better way; often come to this realization from deep within the pen. We hear statements like “I was born hundreds of years to late” or “I feel like an alien in a strange land”. Most never notice, they have bought the lie that “this is the way”. Concrete jungles and designer brands and reality TV. Even those who see past the illusions give up because the truth is so far away. 

Sometimes they get a glimpse of it by going on vacation. Everything looks a little different, better when you’re on vacation. You are removed from conforming to some of the standards you normally have. With the ability to guide your day without all the have to's. It provides a sense of freedom you don't normally have. You notice the scenery; you notice the hills of the road, the green of the trees, and the smell of the air. Thing is, those things are there every day, but we are so locked into having to or the routine that we fail to see the beauty around us. 

Breaking Free

There are those who manage to break free and there are those who are taking the steps not only to get there themselves but are teaching others.  One of my many favorites is the tracker groups teaching the younger generations’ valuable life skills that those who corral us to the pens no longer want us to have.

It’s not good for you to grow your own food. Do you have any idea of the amount of jobs you destroy by doing that? Let’s see there is the big agriculture company that grows the food, look how many employees they have to pay, the chemical companies because you got spray it to keep weeds out same to keep the bugs out. The government inspectors have to come in to make sure it’s safe.  The trucking companies and the grocery stores by the time you’re done thirty people have had something to do with that tomato your about to eat.

This is progress? No this is the Machine made by others to keep you trapped. If you don’t know how to grow your own you’re trapped in the pen. If you work so much you have no time to grow your own you’re trapped. This is just one of many examples of how you are kept in the pen. Me? I want to break free, I want to grow my own food; I want to raise my own chickens and such. I don’t want to have to depend on a system that has so many moving parts, one fail anywhere along the system and boom it goes down.

So what can you do? Go Tribal! Pick one thing that helps you become self reliant then do it. Once you got that down pat go to the next. Take baby steps, we didn’t get here over night we’re not going to get out that way either. “But I don’t know what to do next?” you say. Trust me when I say the path will unfold right in front of you. Look at the world with Vacation eyes. The beauty is all around us every day we’ve just been too busy to see it.

“Go Tribal”

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Tim Clifton 
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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself

The world we live in today is a push button society where it takes no skills to survive. All you have to do is follow everyone else and monkey see monkey do. It’s easier to just get lost in the crowd and do as everyone else -no thinking required.

Experience the excitement of adventure and the leisure of nature from your chair. Get current with all the events going on in the world, traveling from one country to the next with a click of a button. Catch the latest reports on what to buy and what to avoid from the professionals who have investigated so you don't have to. The list of options is nearly endless for what television has to offer. So sit back in front of the "Box" and experience it all, right? Wrong! The "box" is not all bad but what happens when you experience everything from the "box" and stop living life? Believing everything you see or hear can sometimes cause you to end up where you don't really want to be.

What if they are lying? What if they are not telling you the whole story?
….News …”Last night the local quickie mart was robbed and the cashier was shot while an off duty policeman was in the store. The subject was apprehended just outside the store and no other patrons were hurt.” From this story one could conclude that the off duty police officer caught the subject just outside the store, but what if the police officer is the one who robbed and shot the cashier?

There are those who believe if it was on the news it has to be true. I’ve heard people say it’s against the law for them to lie about something like that. All you have to do is a little research and you can find faked news reports. The news anchor reporting live from the front lines in front of a green screen.

Is only telling half the story a lie? While everyone may not lie, many have a personal agenda; they try to sway you into their frame of mind and make you think as they do. Many people don't realize this and follow along blindly until something happens to cause the person to "wake up." People are often told to "go with the flow"....

Advertisements lead you to spend your money on their items. The News media while stating they are unbiased- are biased. All one has to do is compare competing agencies. The amount of information thrown at you can be overwhelming at times. The reason this is so is because it pays to guide you.  We have become consumers and we are only guided to what "they" want us to think we need.

Thinking for yourself only takes questioning and trusting your instincts to guide you. Don’t blindly believe everything you see and hear. If something doesn’t feel right ask why, and then find out why. Get out of your chair and see for yourself. Do your own research. One of the things I love about my children is the fact that they question everything, most kids do. Why can’t we keep a horse in the house? Why is the sky blue? How come the clouds don’t fall down?

As technology advances we tend to try to streamline things so that life is easier. We get things done faster so there is more time for the other things in life we want to do. We narrow our focus and we lose the wonderment of our world. We become the number and we follow the leader, we blindly follow, no thinking required….Until something goes wrong.

The following is just a small example of the things going wrong, that I have heard with my own ears.
The road is closed and I can’t get home. (Three blocks away) They really did not know another way home.
I had a flat and road side assistance couldn’t come. (Had a spare and jack) they didn’t even know cars came with spares and jacks.
Walked out with my keys this morning to get in my car and the remote wouldn’t unlock the car, the remote battery was dead. (Key locks doors) they had never used the key on the door because they had the “clicker”.

While this is just an example of a few you get the idea. Following along blindly promotes not thinking. People think of Themselves; just not for Themselves! I think they forget it's not the same thing. Don’t wait till something goes wrong to realize you’ve been led by the hand thru life. Question things! Follow your gut instincts and learn from a child or so you don’t end up in the back of a van wondering where the candy is…

“Go Tribal” and Think

Tribal Hawk

Tim Clifton 
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Monday, February 27, 2012

What are you learning?

Tribal Class Room

So today I was rereading some of my old blogs, wondering if I should repost them or what I should do with them. I thought that they each had some useful information in them. I also saw how I have changed over the year since I wrote most of them. When I started this blog, the main point I wanted to focus on was survival. I had looked around at all the different blogs and sites on the net and thought “I have something to add”. I wanted to add a touch of Nature to what I had seen.  Survive this and that is almost always centered on the tools. It seemed like you were in a big contest and your competitor was Mother Nature. It’s no big surprise who’s going to win this one.

Now survival is one of the things that I’ve been taught from a very young age.  It is also one of the things that I have noticed we may be off track with.  You can find books and info on surviving almost anything; there are wilderness, urban, and doomsday survival just to name a few.  My idea for this blog is not just survival, but living. I don’t just want to survive this or that I want to Strive.  I don’t want to survive nature I am part of nature.  

By learning to live with nature and becoming self reliant I can not only survive I can thrive. A bad snow storm comes and can’t get out to the store, that’s ok because we’ve learned to garden and can our food. The spring storms knock out the grid electric, that’s where having solar and other sources come in- plus the fact we learn not to be dependent on electricity. People have done without it for 1000’s of years and some do even to this day, some do so by choice while some just don’t have the option.

Living the way we do is a learned process. We have been taught, for the most part by well intending people (parents or mentors) to do it this way, it’s easier.  Why? Each generation wants the next to “have it better than we did”. This is all well and good, but after this happening over a few generations we start to lose the knowledge and/or the ability to do things.

 It’s much easier to go to the store and buy a knife than to make one.  Want a cake? You go buy one. Who has the time to make one from scratch, are you crazy? Buy a box one! The instant society trying to make things easier for us has also dumbed us down as well as taken some of the best things from us. There is nothing better than a home cooked meal made from scratch. Trust me; my wife is an Amazing cook.

We also have been taught to fear things instead of respecting them. For instance, some people fear the dark. We are not born fearing the dark. My little boy, 20 months old- Harley could care less if it’s dark or light. He knows where he wants to go and goes. He doesn’t turn a light on every time he walks into a dark room. No one has told him the dark is something to fear and trust me he does know how to flip a light switch…repeatedly.

I have seen this process unfold with my daughter Brianna. She had never been afraid of the dark either. Then someone told her don’t go into a dark room, turn the light on, you don’t want them or it to get you.  It was done in jest or as picking but in her mind something had to be in there she couldn’t see, why else would they say that. It had never dawned on her before that point, that “something else” was in there now just because it’s dark. Her fear is the result of something learned passed down to her. Having a respect for the dark is fine- you probably don’t want to run into a dark toy filled room at high speed, but the toys were there in the light too.

I think it’s time we get back to learning how to do things, not just do things the easy way. The craftsmanship and pride in doing and making things yourself, the knowing of what’s really in the food you eat; these are qualities and answers most people don’t put into ,or get from things anymore.  Time to remove the fear of nature thinking she’s something to survive. Learning to live with nature not just exploiting her till we use her all up or damage her to the point we can’t survive.

Cause it will be no surprise who wins if it’s a competition. Not a partnership

Maybe it’s time to learn to “Go Tribal”

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Tim Clifton 
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Just what is all this Tribal talk about?

Apocalypse Tribes, New Earth Tribes, Neo-Tribes and Spiritual Tribes: It started out with people who were deemed fringe groups yet now it’s becoming main stream.
Webster defines tribe as 
1a: a social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations together with slaves, dependents, or adopted strangers
2: a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest

Tribalism as

1: Tribal consciousness and loyalty; especially: exaltation of the tribe above other groups

2: strong in-group loyalty

There are many uses on the term tribal in the context of things people are into today, neo tribalism, post modern tribalism, new earth tribes, burning man tribe and others. Tribal to some people mean native or indigenous tribes, you don’t have to be of a certain race or belief to be in a post modern tribe. Post modern Tribes form for many reasons mostly because the family unit has disappeared and a form of group bonding is longed for.

We feel something is missing. Something is missing, the world is not right. Humans are the only living thing that pays to live on earth. Think about that for a minute, most living things except humans are born, raised by a parent or parents, reach adult hood provide for themselves, procreate, then die. Now while I realize there are some variations on this and the speed at which you get from step one to the last step greatly varies. The basics are the same.

Humans are born, given a number as well as a name and cataloged in to a big system, where we are expected to go to school to get a job so we can “PAY” for food, shelter, and clothing and to save money so we can pay someone to take care of us when we can no longer do it ourselves. WHAT? Where is the living part? Where is the freedom? Oh I have it as long as it fits into the confines of the system?

But the system is broken. Societies have risen and fallen since the dawn of time. Look around at the fallen empires of old, look around today, this isn’t working.  We have gotten too far away from that which sustains us, too far away from nature and each other. Most of us have no clue where our food and water comes from, much less what’s in it. People have lost the ability to take care of themselves. We have to “work” to make money to pay for things we can’t do ourselves. Now I’m not against working, In fact working in our garden is fun to me. I’m against a system so far removed from the earth and spirit, that it exploits us and the earth only to sustain itself.  The only way the big machine has any hopes of continuing is if you are too busy or distracted to see you are just a number, just a cog. The system is designed to keep the masses busy and if you’re not busy enough then it keeps you distracted.

Tribal Structures are working though. There are remote tribes still in existence today that prove this as well as the new tribes that are forming. The tribal community, which I’m looking to foster see’s each person as a unique and wonderful being. Where we are in touch with nature and are striving to become self reliant.  Learning and relearning skills such as gardening, wild crafting, holistic medicines and others. To work with nature and not against it, to take care of Mother Earth and not exploit her. To live as we are all apart of each other and connect with the spiritual side of life as well. To have fun and experience life outside of someone else’s box.

Look at any tribal system outside of human ones, they work, live, laugh and mourn together. They aren’t just in touch with nature they are a part of it! It’s a system that works.

I wanna “GO TRIBAL” 

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Tim Clifton 
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